Your Support Sent a Steady Message During the Pandemic

October 14, 2022


When schools closed due to the pandemic, you sent a message to teenagers: “I care for you, and you aren’t alone!”

Your financial gift contributed to care packages for more than 30 students. Each bag contained a devotional book, T-shirt, snacks and a letter from their leader. These packages were dropped off on porches across the city.

Because your giving exceeded our goal, a second round of care packages were sent to fifty families of middle school students. Each one had a hand-written card, a $50 grocery gift card, an encouraging gospel message and ways for their student to connect with our staff and volunteers.

Imagine not knowing whether you can buy food for your family because your workplace was closed by the pandemic. The gift cards you funded sent an incredible message of love to our families. They will remember your kindness during this difficult time.

Thank you for responding to this need!