She said “YES” to Jesus!

January 6, 2023


“I’ve wanted to believe in you”

When only one student showed up to a meeting, the team was tempted to be discouraged. For the last seven months, this student had shown up only a few times.

But God had been planting seeds and had a special plan for her on a Monday night just a few weeks ago.

The 18-year-old girl who came to the meeting was being raised by her grandparents whom she called mom and dad. Her home was filled with false teaching and lies.

She shared that she had a history of harming herself and used drugs and alcohol to cover her pain.

Her YFC leader, Jessica, shared a Bible lesson that softened this special girl’s heart. Near the end, Jessica asked her if she wanted to say yes to Jesus. The student responded that she might want to but would wait until her last meeting before going home in few weeks.

With boldness and faith, Jessica asked her again if she wanted to accept Jesus. With sincerity, she responded, “What do I say?” Jessica explained that sin is our problem, the Bible tells us what sin is and the solution is to believe in Jesus by asking him to forgive us.

The girl then prayed and asked God to forgive her for being stubborn, for turning away from Him and for not believing. She said, “I’ve wanted to believe in you.” And in that moment God turned her unbelief into faith!

Through tear-filled eyes, the team celebrated her new life. As she left the meeting, she exclaimed, “I feel amazing!”