Unexpected but Well-deserved

January 6, 2023


Collaborating with a church to bring joy to teachers.

Collaborative Community Strategy. It’s one of YFC’s five essentials. And we love it!

During the holidays, Platte Valley YFC partnered with Hastings Evangelical Free Church to give a gift to the entire staff of our local middle school: teachers, administrators, support, janitorial, kitchen, resource officer, secretarial, nurse, and counselors! All 115 of these special people!

The church collected an offering for 4 weeks and then did the math . . .total of donations divided by 115. In the end every person received a $60.00 gift card, a message from YFC and information to invite students to Campus Life.

Handing out these gifts and sharing about the mission of Youth For Christ and the church was a true privilege.

Several teachers came back to the conference room to say thank you after seeing the value of the gift. One person came back 3 times! We heard that one staff member was able to travel home to see their family because they could fill their gas tank. What an amazing story.

We love our local school! We were honored to serve them during this Christmas season!